Southern Abstraction

October 21-December 31

This exhibition represents a collection of Southern artists who use abstraction as a vehicle to explore symbology, shared language and the natural world. Each artist uses abstraction to different extents to explore what aspects of language and communicative devices are necessary to fully connect visually with others. What remains is an investigation of memory, the natural environment and human interaction.

Despite numerous masterful Southern abstract artists, outsiders frequently associate the art of the South with folk art and more traditional forms of expression. While this exhibition does not attempt to be a full survey of contemporary work being made in the South, it does attempt to present more fully the complex cultural landscape of the region and offer a companion to more commonly seen Southern work.

Featured in this exhibition are Claire Lewis Evans (sculpture; Tuscaloosa, Ala.), Sky Shineman (painting; Tuscaloosa, Ala.), Lucinda Bunnen (photography; Atlanta, Ga.), Ansley West Rivers (photography; Darien, Ga.), John McLeod (sculpture; Chattanooga, Tenn.), Rebecca Young (painting; Atlanta, GA), and Brian Edmonds (painting; Huntsville, Ala.).

Southern Abstraction is organized by guest curator Aaron Head.

Ansley West Rivers, <em>Colorado River, Lake Havasu, Arizona, 2014</em>
Ansley West Rivers, <em>Hudson River, Olmsteadville Mill, New York, 2016</em>
Ansley West Rivers, <em>Catterskills Falls, Tributary of the Hudson River, New York, 2016</em>

Brian Edmonds <em>Human Library</em>
Brian Edmonds <em>Konrad</em>
Brian Edmonds <em>Lowland</em>

Brian Edmonds <em>Untitled</em>
Brian Edmonds <em>Untitled</em>
Claire Lewis Evans <em>Spoonful</em>

Lucinda Bunnen <em>White Belt</em>
Lucinda Bunnen <em>Owl</em>
Lucinda Bunnen <em>Fish Mouth</em>

Rebecca Young <em>Water Sorcery</em>
Rebecca Young <em>Animism (Iceberg/Red)</em>
Rebecca Young <em>Animism (Blue/Plasma)</em>

Sky Shineman <em>Venetian Press</em>
Sky Shineman <em>Silver Sky (North)</em>
Sky Shineman <em>Fossil</em>

John McLeod <em>Shrine of Feathers</em>
John McLeod <em>Self-Inflicted</em>
John McLeod <em>Harmony and Hostility</em>

John McLeod <em>Illuminated</em>

This exhibition has been made possible by The Daniel Foundation of Alabama and grants by the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.