Made in Alabama

April 22nd – June 25th

Made in Alabama explores the work of eight Alabama artists – Butch Anthony, Katie Baldwin, Doug Baulos, Cal Breed,Natalie Chanin, Frédéric Lecut, Miriam Norris Omura, and Debra Riffe – who use innovative techniques while experimenting with printmaking, mosaic, painting, glasswork, and embroidery.

Throughout 2016, the Alabama Tourism Department is honoring the artists, craftspeople, musicians, writers, designers, brewers, winemakers and food producers who make the state special. The artworks included in this exhibition celebrate this statewide initiative to showcase Alabama’s best artists and artisans, and further emphasis the museum’s commitment to exhibiting Alabama art.

Through the artists’ original works, Made in Alabama deals with the subjects of time, history, memory, and nature, motivated by a need to preserve personal and culturally relevant stories. Each piece explores the intricate processes of the artists’ chosen mediums, focusing on the actual “doing” of artistic creation. The exhibition explores the lines between fine art and craft, connecting viewers to Alabama’s rich cultural offerings.

This exhibition was organized by the Wiregrass Museum of Art with support from the Alabama State Council on the Arts.