Guest Room in the Unconscious Mind

January 20-March 25

Cindy Wagner is a visual narrator, telling stories through a variety of media including photography, digital image making, mixed media, and painting.

Wagner recalls her mother’s obsession with chronicling family history and collecting photographs of ancestors. Although she did not share this interest and preferred to focus on people still living, her current work serves to strike a balance between these two interests. She chooses to breathe new life into old photographs, mixing images of people lost to history with new material and digital distortion, and invites the viewer to reconsider the lives and likenesses of people who were once only memories. Wagner’s work is haunting and calls into question our own mortality and desire to be remembered.

She is a graduate of Herron School of Art And Design at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and holds a BFA in Painting with minors in Art History and Anthropology as well as an AS in Visual Communications from Ivy Tech Community College with a specialty in Photography. Cindy is a Colorado born native and is currently making art in her studio at the historic Lowe Mill in Huntsville, Alabama.

Cindy Wagner, <em>Conventional Camouflage</em>
Cindy Wagner, <em>Guest Room In The Unconscious Mind</em>
Cindy Wagner, <em>I Never Learned To Dance</em>

Cindy Wagner, <em>I Woke To The Sound Of Rain</em>
Cindy Wagner, <em>Penumbra Soul</em>
Cindy Wagner, <em>Seeping Through Open Windows</em>

Cindy Wagner, <em>Shaking Herself Loose From Another Life</em>
Cindy Wagner, <em>Time Machine</em>
Cindy Wagner, <em>We Are Mosaics</em>

Cindy Wagner, <em>Women Should Not Red</em>
Cindy Wagner, <em>Zoomorphic Conundrum</em>

This exhibition has been made possible by The Daniel Foundation of Alabama and grants by the Alabama State Council on the Arts and the National Endowment for the Arts.