An Autobiography in Clay

January 22nd – June 25th

Delicately crafted by Betsy Kendrick, each piece in An Autobiography in Clay speaks to the artist’s life. This exhibition includes many figurative works of young women, mother and child arrangements, and colorful animals. A nod to Betsy’s career as a figurative painter before she began her work in ceramics, her works tell a collective story. Through her creative approach and attention to detail, Betsy’s work comes alive, each figure or animal with a personality all its own.

Betsy’s roots are in the Piedmont area of North Carolina.  She received liberal arts training at The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill and Covenant College in Tennessee, then studied fine arts at The Maryland Institute of Art and painting at The Leo Marchutz School in Aix-en-Provence, France.  In her art career she has pursued painting, textiles, printmaking, and most recently ceramics.  Betsy has participated in the Kentuck Arts Festival, and Renegade Craft Shows in New York and Chicago.  She currently lives and works in Baltimore Maryland.