• Our Mission

    At Girls Incorporated of Dothan our mission is to… Inspire all girls to strong, smart and bold one girl at a time.

    We fulfill this mission through the Girls Inc. Experience which consists of an environment, people and programming that, together, empower girls to succeed.  It is the totality of what we provide girls and what happens when girls participate in Girls Inc.  Our pro-girl and girls-only environment is physically, emotionally and socially safe and confirms that girls can succeed and deserve to be taken seriously for the persons they are now and the young ladies they will become.  Trusting, mentoring relationships with adult staff and volunteers trained in an approach that is grounded in a belief in girls’ rights and abilities.  Our holistic, compensatory and intentional programming is focused on girls’ needs and provides exposure to a wide variety of experiences that girls might not have otherwise.  Research-based curricula confronts the serious needs of girls while building the knowledge, skills and attitudes to enable girls to competent, confident individuals and adult women.